Jurassic Ark Family Tickets


Product Description

Looking for the perfect last minute Christmas Gift for your family? Buy family tickets to the Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark! 

See the fabulous evidence of God’s handiwork in Creation, the Flood, Babel & beyond. Jurassic Ark is just 2 hours north of Brisbane airport, near Gympie. Click here for more information or download the mud map here. Great value, family friendly, and perfect for Churches, Schools, Homeschoolers and you!

Walk from Adam to Australia.
See the real history of God’s world!


Fabulous Fossils, Majestic Murals, Amazing Activities, Beautiful Wildlife, Real Fossil Digs, Genesis Gardens, and much more!

Open on Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat by appointment only.
Arrange your visit with curator Daryl by calling 0468 726 184 or emailing jurassic-ark@creationresearch.net