Untold Secrets of Planet Earth – Monumental Monsters


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Untold Secrets of Planet Earth – Monumental Monsters

New Book in Vance Nelson’s collection

Delve into the mystery surrounding fossils of gigantic creatures that have been unearthed all over this planet. Though these creatures looked similar to their living counterparts, there was one major difference: they were enormous by comparison. Monumental Monsters will take you on a journey to a fascinating world filled with curiosity and wonder. These creatures present great insight into the true history of planet Earth.

“Spectacular!…I would recommended it to anyone! Monsters from the fossil record…point towards Biblical accuracy—and away from upward evolutionary change. If you are looking to understand how the massive animals of the fossil record fit in with Biblical history, this is an excellent resource….Readers of all ages will welcome a fresh and accurate approach to this often-exaggerated topic of giant animals.”
—David Rives (David Rives Ministries)

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