Special Untold Secrets Package – 3 Books

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Set of 3 beautifully illustrated hard cover books by world travelled Canadian Researcher Vance Nelson. Hundreds of fabulous photographs help discover Untold Secrets of Planet Earth.

MONUMENTAL MONSTERS Delve into the mystery surrounding gigantic fossil creatures unearthed all over our planet. Monumental Monsters will take you on a journey to a fascinating world filled with curiosity and wonder. A great insight into the true history of planet Earth.

DIRE DRAGONS They all called them Dragons. We call them Dinosaurs! Stunning photographs of dig sites, ancient artefacts, carvings, and more, Revolutionary evidence the Biblical record is true. Your children will love this book

FLOOD FOSSILS Noah, the Ark and Noah’s flood are often claimed to be nothing more than religious sensationalism, and myth. But The most amazing story of all time turns out to be true! Flood Fossils provides real, solid evidences for the truth of Noah’s flood.

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