What Happened to the Dinosaurs? and Tites, Mites and Fossil Fights! – 2 Pack Special


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New Book for Kindy Kids Plus

What happened to the dinosaurs? Where did the dinosaurs go? Another exciting book from the Creation Guy John Mackay on one of the the most common questions we get asked by all ages. Excitingly illustrated for everyone as John and Joseph lead a family mystery package tour to find the answer.

Full-colour great illustrations, exciting storyline as you discover what happened to the dinosaurs and you and the family learn to see things God’s way. Order your copy now and we guarantee it will bless and excite you!


A NEW BOOK for teens from the Creation Guy John Mackay in association with up-and-coming young geologist, Joseph Hubbard (a.k.a. Indiana Joe).

It’s full of new and exciting evidence on how fossils and rocks do not take millions of years, and how the real world is the result, not of time and chance, but of proper process and purpose in God’s World. You will find the material fabulously helpful in dealing with creation and the history of the world, the flood and events down to the present.

See how our exciting and unique experiments help provide real proof for the pudding.

Great for teens and older . . . and designed so you can easily share it with all who are sceptical or shaky on the Bible being¬†God’s Word. It’s full of high quality pictures of our findings and experiments from the past 30 years, and the text is so easy to follow and share with doubters and friends.

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